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English Tales – Posthumous Diary – Luigi Genghi

Author’s note

I was walking along Ostia seafront on a hazy day of the winter of a year ago, heading down to the deserted beach. Jumping as far as possible over the waves, I went beyond the horizon with my gaze.
A leap behind of thirty-five years; still fresh and near, the memories that have inspired me to write this book.
The first trip abroad and a long stay: an experience, so beautiful and important, I could not stop myself from recounting.
Twenty-three tales, all connected to each other by storytelling: people, emotions, portrayals of the wonderful land of Albion where, at only twenty years of age, with wonderment I started to discover a corner of the world that would have become a piece of my heart, still throbbing, enamoured.

Luigi Genghi

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